TRON Group has a modern fleet of 140 Mercedes trucks. All vehicles meet the strictest environmental protection standards EURO 6 and have been equipped with intelligent systems that increase the safety of our drivers and at the same time improve the safety of transported loads.
The safety systems our drivers use include active cruise control with distance maintenance from the vehicle in front, lane maintenance assistant, PPC topographic cruise control system, concentration assistant, system alarms and event notifications, panic button. The cars are additionally equipped with integrated GPS systems along with displays enabling communication between the driver and the company's operations center.

Our forwarders monitor on a regular basis all processes related to the transport and are able to provide such functionality on-line to every customer for whom we carry out a transport order.
In order to meet the requirements of the modern transport market and our customers, TRON Group has a complexe fleet of trucks, including specialized vehicles. We can offer our customers semi-trailers of the coilmulde type, silos with lifting kippsilo tanks with a capacity of 45m3, 60m3, 66m3, 37m3 silo trucks, 37m3 dumper trailers, 41m3, 45m3, walking floors of capacity of 90m3 and cisterns for transporting liquid and food raw materials. The average age of vehicles in our fleet is 1.5 years.